_Eve.Lin Studio biography +  philosophy


  _ In 2010, the studio was founded by Eve.Lin, a fashion graduate from central st.martin. At the beginning of the collection, she hired an amazing pattern cutter/ skilled tailor, Giselle. Both of them collaborated together, the very first collection was debuted in the Coningsby gallery in London.

    In 2011, Eve bought an office space in Taichung and converted into a studio, it contains a showroom, a sample room and a graphic room.

     The team expanded in 2012, soon after the joining of an assistant designer,a graphic designer,a beautiful studio model, a team of sales and a team of wonderful interns

        With the team effort and collaboration, we have produced series of fun collections and enjoyed every minute of the hard works.

          There were ups and downs running a start-up studio. But all was worth the work and the fun of it shaped Eve.Lin studio's spirit and philosophy.



         "There will be no Eve.Lin studio without the team effort. In the philosophy of what made Eve.Lin today, the secret is no others, it is faith and belief of each other." _eve.lin